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Born in 1942 in California, Brian Wilson founded the Beach Boys in 1961and marked the beginning of a long series of hit singles and albums which helped establish the California Sound. However, in the mid-60s, Wilson took a step that changed the direction of his music career and Beach Boys band. Hey dropped their cheery, teen-based stances and morphed into a more serious attitude, music wise. Consequently, in 1966, they released 'Pet Sounds' which many consider as their biggest hit of all time. But his creative prowess, despite being at its best, hit a snag due to substance abuse and mental sickness that afflicted Wilson for the next 25 years. He managed to break free from drug addiction, and in the 1980s, revived his music career. His psychologist, Eugene Landy, had exerted a considerable amount of control on Wilson, breathing life into his almost dead music career. Brian Wilson then released several solo albums, including one named after himself, 'Brian Wilson'. 'Sweet Insanity', another of Wilson’s solo albums, was rejected by the record company, Sire, in 1990. Brian Wilson was in more luck in 1995 when he released the soundtrack to a documentary 'I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times' by Don Was. The soundtrack features Wilson performing alongside his now grown up daughters, Carnie and Wendy who part of a group consisting of Wilson Phillips and Van Dyke Parks. Towards the end of the decade, Wilson joined hands with his daughters once more and released an album titled 'The Wilsons'. In 1997, he performed alongside Belinda Carlisle in the song 'California'. Wilson then returned to the Beach Boys and was in time to work on the album,' Stars and Stripes Vol. 1' which was a collaborative effort that saw him sing alongside country music artists. He has won a Grammy for the song 'Mrs O’Leary’s Cow'. He capped his music career with a memoir, I Am Brian Wilson in October 2016.

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